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Topic: EGO WAMIRACK probably will not have GSIF2

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    Unhappy EGO-SYS (ESI) will NOT develop GSIF2 drivers

    I enquired with EGO-SYS this morning about GSIF2 for their WAMI-RACK line of products.

    The UK office told me they will not be supporting GSIF2. (The answer came back in less than 1 minute !!!)
    I wrote back and expressed surprise and disappointment, and asked for the rationale. The UK Support guys have promised to consult further with HQ in Korea ..... but don;t hold your breath.

    This is disappointing to say the least. This interface has an amazing universal driver set that lets multiple applications share the sound card at the same time, be they ASIO, GSIF or WDM. Further it has a fantastic electronic patch frame, where you can patch the output of any of your audio applications to the input of any of the others, irrespective of drivers ... its like REWIRE at the operting system level.

    Importantly for me it means I can use one PC for both cubase and gigastudio, and stream directly from GigaStudio into Cubase on 10 (or is it 8 ?) different channels simultaneously.

    If the UK Support guy comes back with a negative answer, I'll invite him on here to share their rationale with the community.

    - Any other WAMI - RACK users here ?

    - Just in case the worst does happen, does any one know of other GSIF2 sound cards that support multiple drivers simultaneously and allow for free patching electronic patching between audio applications ?

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    Lightbulb Re: EGO WAMIRACK probably will not have GSIF2

    I read on RME support newsgroup that their HDSP cards will soon support this functionality. An updated driver is planned right after the release of their Fireface800 new product. Driver is already GSIF2 compliant.

    Or wait the end of july for GS3 ...


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    Re: EGO WAMIRACK probably will not have GSIF2

    The RME driver update v2.81 dated 29.5.04 supports GSIF2. (I have the HDSP 9632)


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    Re: EGO WAMIRACK probably will not have GSIF2

    Hi Thanks for the reply about the RME card.

    But does it support multiple audio drivers SIMULTANEOUSLY, and has a virtual patch panel to stream audio between various audio applications ?


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    Re: EGO WAMIRACK probably will not have GSIF2

    RME Driver is multi client, multi card all operating simultaneoulsy. About audio routing (like Directwire in EgoSys) you'll have to wait for the new driver version that is due after the FireFace800 release.


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    Re: EGO WAMIRACK probably will not have GSIF2

    Egosys have always been strong supporters of Gigastudio. I think teh UK guy jsut doesnt know what he's talking about.

    I'd expect GSIF2 to be implimented in the EgoSys stuff, after Giga 2 releases.

    I mean of course I could totally be off base here...but, being a Wami user, I'm not too worried just yet
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    Re: EGO WAMIRACK probably will not have GSIF2

    Hi King,

    ESI UK Support had confirmation over night from HQ in Korea that they have no plans to support GSIF2. I've sent you a private mail with full correspondance (didn't think it right to post on here).


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    Re: EGO WAMIRACK probably will not have GSIF2

    You might edit the subject line with "Hey Synthetic!!" so he will see this. Perhaps Tascam just needs to make a little effort to get the process moving forward.

    It's certainly worth it to have the GSIF-2 capability if you're planning on using Audio input in any way. Otherwise, you can still run Giga 3 on GSIF-1 drivers, so you wouldn't be completely dead in the water. I'll bet the right number of calls and e-mails from the right number of people would get some results.

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    Re: EGO WAMIRACK probably will not have GSIF2

    Hi Bruce ... just before you posted I tried to change the subject line ... to remove the "probably" .... it has just changed the title within the thread.I'll start a new thread

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    Re: EGO WAMIRACK probably will not have GSIF2

    I assume this would apply to all ESI products then. So the Gigastation (which hasn't had any updates since May last year) is out of the question...

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