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Topic: HELP!!

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    Howdy folks-es. In the near future, (bout\' 2-3 weeks) I\'ll be purchasing Gigastudio and some libraries. What\'s the arrangement that you have to create to get Gigastudio working? I mean, I believe there is no extra hardware needed, correct? My computer specs are, if this helps: 1 Gigahertz, 256 Ram, (going to get 512 soon) Gina 24/96, 52X CD-ROM, CD-Burner, Kurzweil K2500XS, CakeWalk 9.0. I mean, how would I configure everything? I have no idea what to do, so please, someone, help me out.

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    Re: HELP!!

    Which OS (Win 9x, ME, XP)and which CPU (Intel/AMD) and chipset (Intel, Via, AMD)?

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    Re: HELP!!

    It says: AMD Atholon Processor, Windows 2000, VIA KT133 AGPset. HELP!

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    Re: HELP!!

    Via-chipsets for Athlon CPUs sometimes seem to cause troubles with audio applications (clicks and pops etc.). Because of that RME (an audio card manufacturer) currently do not recommend any Athlon systems. If you currently do not experience any problems with Cakewalk then I wouldn\'t know why you could run into problems using Gigastudio.

    But I am actually not quite sure if the Gina has GSIF drivers for Win2000/XP. The info-PDF I looked up at http://www.echoaudio.com/ says that it does not yet support it. You will need GSIF drivers for W2k/XP if you want to run Giga on these platforms. Maybe someone else can comment on this? Do they have beta drivers?

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    Re: HELP!!

    Gina 24 has full support for XP/2k - Gina20 only has beta drivers. It so happens that I\'ll replace my Gina20 with an RME Multiface card (as soon as it ships..zzzzzz) on my KT133 chipset based machine. Let\'s see how it turns out to work. The Gina worked without clicks\'n\'pops (once tweaked etc).

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    Re: HELP!!

    you shouldn\'t have any problems. just make sure your sound card is on a separate irq. that\'s the grandmother of most \"pops and clicks\" problems.

    Jim B.

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    Re: HELP!!

    Yea! I\'ve been having this problem when I start recording on Cakewalk, or even playback. All of a sudden, it just pops about 2 seconds into the playback/recording, but doesn\'t end up with the pop when I export it as a wav. How do I fix that? It\'s been driving me nuts for like a year now.

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