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Topic: GPO demo page stuff...

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    GPO demo page stuff...

    Gary and I are looking to make some major updates to the demo pages, but we need your help...

    What are your favorites of the demos? (make sure to include the new ones here that aren't on the demos page yet.)

    Also, we are getting close to 200 demos that have been submitted and are starting to be at a loss as to how many you guys think we should post? Should we post everything, should we post just a handfull? May have some drop-off after a certain amount of time?

    What do you guys think? We would like to keep as many as possible, but where do we cut it off? After 400 demos, 4,000 demos?

    And make sure to let us know some of your favorites...
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    Re: GPO demo page stuff...

    Alan, that's a good question. When I was considering the purchase of GPO, I listened to quite a few of the demos. Some of them made me want to buy something else, while others convinced me that the samples were great and that they would certainly be perfect for me to get some experience with midi.

    As with all products, a cluttered product line is not a good thing.

    There were so many, I had no clue what to listen to. I really think that Gary should pick the top fifty, and then if he wants, let the members of the forum rate those on quality of sound. Of course Gary would have the final say, but the ratings could be used for the order of placement.



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    Re: GPO demo page stuff...

    Is there some way to archive the old demos (maybe get them off the front page so to speak?) That way you could highlight the newer demos while still having access to all the old favorites. Just a suggestion since a lot of the demos are wonderful and are great selling points.

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    Smile Re: GPO demo page stuff...

    i think it should be nice to hae at first the newest demo inserted and then have the possibility to access to the old ones.

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    Re: GPO demo page stuff...

    That's what I would suggest--since it's essentially a marketing site, have Gary and crew pick out the demos that *they* feel best show off their product, and put these on a "Featured Demos" site, with a convenient link to "archived demos."

    Keep all the rest ones in an archive section, so that they're easy to get to. Having a HUGE amount of demos tells potential customers that a.) there's a strong and active user base, b.) GPO INSPIRES people to be prolific, and c.) GPO is accessible to all levels and styles.

    Having the "Featured Demos" page will make it easy for customers to hear GPO in its best light, and prevent the confusion of not knowing where to begin (and also keep them from listening to all the WRONG demos).

    Having the "Archives" page will be an added benefit for the reasons mentioned above...


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    Re: GPO demo page stuff...

    One of the incredible strengths of GPO is its community -- users supporting users and encouraging each other. The very fact that there are demos posted that are from actual users -- not some sanitized piece that was deliberately written to emphasize the product's strong points and then performed by "upper crust" talent -- was attractive to me. VERY attractive. It speaks to the buyer of what YOU can do with GPO.

    That said, if you adopt a "post everything" policy, you could easily be overwhelmed -- and perhaps have a few demos that you'd rather not have out in front as representative of the product. Potential buyers could be overwhelmed as well. For that reason, I think that there should be a broad selection of demo files, in a variety of genres and musical styles, placed "out in front" as front-line representations of GPO in use "in the real world." I wouldn't limit that collection to seasoned pros, but would include a few good pieces from amateurs and even perhaps from entry-level users. It becomes an honest representation -- "they did this, and you can too" sort of thing.

    Seperate from the group mentioned above, I'd like to see a "users showcase" where anyone who is a registered GPO user can post an example of their work. Set this up as a database that is searchable and browsable based on genre, composer, and on instrumentation. Someone with a primary interest in wind instruments can search for pieces that use the specific instruments they want to evaluate. Give this a "what's new" page where readers can see the latest contributions, and set up a time period after which a contribution will "roll off" to keep the database from getting too big.

    Another alternative is to set up a "user showcase" as a page with links to user's sites where they can put up what they want.

    And, probably some mix of these and other ideas will rise to the surface as the best approach. One thing for sure -- you can't go wrong underscoring the GPO community. It's a unique and wonderful thing.

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    Wink Re: GPO demo page stuff...

    You might consider rotating demos if a person has more than one or has submitted more than one. Say, a month for each demo instead of posting two or three demos from one composer at one time.
    I dun no! Demos are like doughnuts...a dozen at a time. Put the cream of the crop on the top and the others follow in a category?

    I dun no! Demos are like doughnuts...a dozen at a time. Put the cream of the crop on the top and the others follow in a category? The demo page is such a boast to the morale for anyone one lucky to have his or her composition chosen for the page. It means, others will hear your work where anywhere else it would be virtually impossible. It's as if you are a part of a new public broadcast station featuring your music to the world! Not to mention what the various demos achieve in representing GPO. I guess the bottom line is it is up to Garritan which suits the needs of all and his enterprise.

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    Re: GPO demo page stuff...

    I think that, if the number of demos grows enaugh, it would be worthwile to build an entire independent web site for GPO music. Just few songs, representative of different style/genres, may be featured on the Garritan Site. This is for people looking for hints of what GPO can do in different contexts (every potential buyer may find an example of how GPO could be used in HIS genre). The other songs, may be all the songs, even the ones featured on Garritan site, will find space in the new site. The new site may feature (moderated) ratings, reviews, etc. This could be a useful approach for both marketing and community building.

    What do you think about it?


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    Re: GPO demo page stuff...

    I like Alessandro's idea. That sounds like a nice way to keep the community happy and collected. Much better than shoving them in some archive like my idea.

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    Re: GPO demo page stuff...

    Quote Originally Posted by CallMeZoot
    ...have Gary and crew pick out the demos that *they* feel best show off their product, and put these on a "Featured Demos" site, with a convenient link to "archived demos."
    This makes the most sense. It's fun to see your ocomposition up there, but the point is to draw more customers in. I wouldn't mind having my pieces moved to a secondary "more demos" page, if Gary & co. thought it was in the best interest of sales.
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