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Topic: cant get cubasis to load

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    cant get cubasis to load

    It wouldnt work right so I uninstalled it but now it won't install. When I uninstalled cubasis it had a box that said to leave certain files. So I did. Is this the reason I cant install it again. Im running sonar and wanted to try the steinberg product. I was thinking of changing but this is a pain , Any helpwould be appreciated Squareset

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    Re: cant get cubasis to load

    Cubasis should have no problems with installing a second time, after you have uninstalled it. I'd suggest rebooting your computer, then trying to install Cubasis. Sometimes a reboot is all that's needed. If you still have trouble I'd suggest to contact Steinberg tech support. http://www.steinberg.de/wwwmenu_sb.asp?Langue_ID=7

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