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Topic: Multitrack capture-to-wave?

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    Multitrack capture-to-wave?

    Hey all,
    I\'m using GS 2.5 with Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.02 and an M-Audio Delta 66. When I get ready to mixdown, I often want my GS MIDI tracks as separate audio tracks within Cake so I can use plugins and such. To do so, I\'ve been capturing each GS track as a wave and then inserting it Cake.

    This works, but it\'s tedious on projects that are long or have many GS tracks. I sure thought with the Delta I\'d be able to bounce over 3 stereo tracks or 6 mono tracks at a time. Any way to do this?


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    Re: Multitrack capture-to-wave?

    ...or maybe my methods are nonstandard?

    A typical project for me involves 5-10 MIDI tracks, 3-4 Giga tracks, and 5-7 audio tracks within Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.02. When I\'m all done playing stuff and I\'m ready to mix, I record the MIDI tracks and Giga tracks to audio tracks. I can record 4 mono or 2 stereo tracks in one pass when I\'m bouncing over my MIDI tracks, but the only way I can figure out how to do this on my Giga tracks is to use silly loopback cables from the breakout box on my Delta-66.

    Anyone have any other suggestions? I\'m sure I\'m missing some kind of routing trick.

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    Re: Multitrack capture-to-wave?

    Couldn\'t you just capture the gigastudio parts as waves in GS? That would give you the cleanest sound and then you can just place those files into Cakewalk. Also if you want to add DirectX effects to those tracks, you need to make them waves (unless you just want to use the NFX plugins in GS).

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    Re: Multitrack capture-to-wave?

    Right...that\'s what I\'ve been doing. It\'s okay when there are just a few Giga tracks, or the project is short. But as I posted above, it\'s pretty tedious when I\'m using lots of Giga tracks and/or the project is long. If it\'s a 10-minute project, and I have 10 giga tracks, well, you can do the math . . .


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    Re: Multitrack capture-to-wave?

    AND the tracks will probably go out of sync, unless you insert and align relatively small streches of captured audio in your audio/sequencer.

    I think that\'s another major problem of working midi tracks and captured audio alongside.

    If you could just capture entire tracks and keep them synced from A to Z, that would be great.

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    Re: Multitrack capture-to-wave?

    I was contemplating on the same problem and came upon this thread...

    I have a Delta 1010LT and I do my sequences in Sonar. What I don\'t understand is why I cannot record the 10 GSIF outputs into their ASIO counterpart inputs internally even if I could see there\'s activity in the mixer monitors.

    I\'ve tried both capturing to wave and rendering straight in Sonar and I don\'t hear any difference in quality between the recorded tracks and capture to wave imports. If only I could figure out how I can simultaneously record multiple giga tracks - that would be an absolute time-saver!

    WHAT IF I just re-route the soundcard outputs back to the inputs using routing cables? Would that be possible? Will there be a significant deterioration as far as sound quality is concerned? Will my computer explode?

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