It's Like pulling TEETH! (looking for Cubase SX users) P4 2.4A and AMD64 FPU test If there are ANY audio users with Cubase SX (or Nuendo as Nuendo latest will open this test file), could you please try this and let me know your test results???

This is a test that opens a SX file with plug-in, you can read more about it here:

Also, I would love to know the FPU Sisoft Sandra marks that you get if you have a P4 2.4A overclocked, or a AMD64 3000.

You know, I'm not sure exactly what Cubase or Nuendo uses. Yet, I do know that the higher Sisoft gets in FPU score, the better my plug-in count.

I read that Cubase likes RAW FPU so I am wondering what that means and if it means AMD. Toms Harware used to have a chart showing Nuendo as one of their test images, but now it's just a graph and is for rendering WAV to MPEG.

What us audio users needs is a FPU test, but the FIRE site hasn't really been updated for a while.

I've been throwing certain updates (system, cpu, ram) ideas around the past week or so, and am not really sure where to go (yet), while keeping the $$ low, especially since I won't upgrade via 64 bit until my audio apps are at 64 bits. (Nuendo, Giga, Cubase SX, etc)

Then I found this today:

This shows a P4 2,4A (Prescott core) 533 FSB running at 3.6 air cooled. At first glance, you would thing, uh-uh, no way, it has no HYPERTHREADING, but the funny thing is, Hyperthreading is relativly BAD for audio APPS and most turn it off anyway and use it only when rendering video. So I am really, REALLY curios about this new find.

I guess all I'm looking for is either:

a) Someone that has a 2.4A overclocked, what speed, and what their Sisoft Sandra FPU (same test as CPU benchmark) shows.


b) Somone that has Cubase SX or Nuendo with the P4 2.4A overclocked and what their test results are. (i.e. CPU usage PLAYED and STOPPED)

the same a/b test with the AMD64 3000 overclocked would also be I read recently here that users are starting to look at this chip to overclock.