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Topic: Trying to do the NorthernSounds sound...

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    Trying to do the NorthernSounds sound...

    I've been listening to a bit of John Williams since I didn't win the Gold composition contest in the EastWestQuantumLeap forum.

    Please feel free to compliment or tear it apart. I'm learning a lot from poking around here.

    thanks in advance.


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    Re: Trying to do the NorthernSounds sound...

    Sounds so good I will download it to remind myself how good Gold can sound.
    I liked everything about it.

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    Re: Trying to do the NorthernSounds sound...

    Great composition!!! Sounds very nice! Sounds like film music. Add some reverb and it sounds even better.

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    Re: Trying to do the NorthernSounds sound...

    It's very good Ron.

    If your aim was to sound like JW, I think you did rather well. The phrasing is very JW and your composition and orchestration has a lot of quality to it.

    It's a very happy piece isn't it? It's the kind of music they'd play while young Darth Vader plays in the fields with his true love, before he succumbs to the dark side....hehe. I'm not going to critique your choice of feelings to emote, but when you said JW I was expecting more high-energy, epic battle-theme music.

    It sounded a bit quantized in areas, and I agree that some sections needed a bit more reverb. Other than that I think it's marvelous. Good Job Ron!
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    Re: Trying to do the NorthernSounds sound...

    Thanks guys. I've added some reverb (I forgot that you can do that since Gold has the ambient reverb)

    Tell me if its too much. the quantization I think you were talking about is the repeated Violins up/down. I just couldn't get it to work. I've changed it a bit and I think it works better. Maybe there's another section too. Actually, I did a little "humanize" to the ostinato(?) the arpeggio in flute then piccolo near the end.

    Changed a couple of notes.

    I think the reverb helps a lot. why didn't I think of that?

    Its a happy tune because I have been listening to Harry Potter/Snowball fight. The only part that I'm really emulating is the instrument change-out in the arpeggios through the quick modulations. And throwing the harp in there. As a general rule that seems to run through the few John Williams pieces I've been listening to. (Some old star wars too)

    I just don't know what the instruments in an orchestra do or how they're used so I've decided to do some close listening.

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    Re: Trying to do the NorthernSounds sound...

    I like the piece very much. Why you didn't win the contest I don't believe has to do with the quality of your score but maybe your sequencing skills in comparison to the others, I don't know but you should be proud of your work. You can only improve!

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    Re: Trying to do the NorthernSounds sound...

    Thanks to you guys for listening. I really, really appreciate the feedback.

    Its true that I am going to listen more and compose less. (I've definitely been taking your teachers advice, Sharmy) One of the things that I have noticed (along with constant feedback from christianB) is that I try to do too much. I'm really new to this and I just had some lights turn on after listening to Williams, Goldsmith, and Newman.

    I need to use the stereo field of the orchestra. Bounce around more and not be so thick (freudian slip).

    I hope you will be so kind to listen again to something new in a week or so.
    (I hope I'm not abusing the forum-I really need the feedback)

    About the contest. I only got one vote (plus my pal's vote) so I'm not pretending that I had a chance. Bernard has got what it takes in composing and programming. And there were quite a few others that I'm going to be trying to catch up to as well.

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    Re: Trying to do the NorthernSounds sound...


    Very nicely conceived and produced. Some amazing stuff coming out of the competively priced libraries these days.


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