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Topic: GS not remembering assignments w/ multiple inst gig files

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    GS not remembering assignments w/ multiple inst gig files

    When I load multiple instrument gig files such as GOS, Gigastudio will not remember the
    instruments\' assignment after having saved a performance or .gsp file.
    The next time I load the performance the default instrument is selected and I am unable to change the instrument assignments at all.
    I then have to clear and unload all instruments and reload each one(default) individually and reassign each slot. A major pain!
    Am I missing something? A setting perhaps
    that would make GS remember the settings correctly?
    This only happens with multiple instrument files such as GOS and Metamorphosis
    Any help would be appreciated.
    I also posted this matter in the garritan
    forum please forgive the double post.

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    Re: GS not remembering assignments w/ multiple inst gig files

    Are you specifying an instrument number in your sequencer? It may be that your sequencer is selecting the first instrument because you haven\'t specified otherwise. Also, if you do it in the sequencer, it will always select the correct instrument when you start playing.

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    Re: GS not remembering assignments w/ multiple inst gig files

    Thanks for the reply but the problem has been solved.

    I have gotten into the habit of loading instruments by clicking directly on the slot, which opens up a dialog box that shows all the directories(folders) and gig files within them. When done this way GS will load all instruments within a multiple inst gig file.

    I could then select what instrument to load
    from the loaded instruments pane.

    Don\'t know if this is a bug or not but GS will not remember the performance correctly when instruments are selected from within the multiple gig file.

    I talked to one of my peers who suggested I load inst from the quicksearch pane at the bottom. When loaded this way GS will only load what you,ve selected as opposed to the whole gig file.(silly Me

    Voila! Problem solved

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