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Topic: Dream System

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    Dream System

    Hi Friends,

    Just wondering what your ideal system would look like for using GigaStudio. What processor, what motherboard, what soundcard, how much Ram, how many hard drives what operating system. Please let me know if you have indeed created it and that it works without problem and how many instruments you can expect it to actually manage.

    I know that there are numerous possibilities, but am looking for something which will allow a stable environment and allow the most possible instruments with little problems in playback.

    I have a Xeon processor, under Windows 2000 which I am using with Cubase SX and would like to create a (few) separate machine(s) just for Gigastudio ultimately I'm thinking using the Ilio Vienna Orchestra. Someone just said that the Xeon processor was not a good choice and suggested using XP home.

    What do the experts recommend?


    P.S. -- When is the word on GS3?

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    Re: Dream System

    My recommendation for your Dream System

    Intel P4 3.0eMHz (Prescott)
    Asus P4C800-E motherboard
    1GB OCZ PC3200 memory
    300GB Seagate 7200 (RAID) for GIGA Library
    1 74GB Raptor 10,000RPM System Drive
    Zalman cooling
    ATI dual head video card
    Antec Sonata (Rack Mountable) Quiet Case
    Microsoft XP
    52x32x52 CD burner

    I have built several of these and they rock. They can be overclocked by 10% and give the most bang for the buck. Stable - high performance - quiet.


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