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Topic: Songs in Film

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    Songs in Film

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    Many people on this forum write scores for film and TV, but what about songs for movies?

    AFI recently picked the top 100 film songs. Not surprisingly "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" was tops. I wonder if anybody on the forum will ever make it onto the AFI list?


    -Jon Fairhurst

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    Re: Songs in Film

    I was thinking about how it's rarer for songs to be used in film the way they used to be - as song and dance numbers - until I thought about Indian films. The Indian film formula is that films must have multiple songs and dances, and must last at least three hours. If you produced a 90 minute movie in India with no singing and dancing, there would be a riot!

    Which leads to two questions... What about composing music for the Indian film market? - it's huge! And, will the IFC ever do a list of the greatest Indian film songs?

    Reverse outsourcing. Export your music to Baliwood!

    -Jon Fairhurst

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    Re: Songs in Film

    mmmmhhh..."My Favorite Things" only at 64...after "staying alive".....mmmmhhh

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