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Topic: Logic VS & Gigasampler?

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    Logic VS & Gigasampler?

    I\'m using a Roland VS1880, Audiophile 2496 card, Logic VS sequencer and Gigasampler LE. Do I have a hope? I can\'t seem to get the Gigasampler to respond to the sequencer...anybody in a similar boat? Thanks!

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    Re: Logic VS & Gigasampler?

    Isn\'t the Logic vs sequencer a vst device?
    I don\'t think gigasampler will work with vst instruments. At least I have never had any luck. i use cakewalk as my sequencer with giga and the audiophile card.

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    Re: Logic VS & Gigasampler?

    Logic with GS works just fine. I am using LAPW with GS160. What version of Logic is VS?

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    Re: Logic VS & Gigasampler?

    Hi folks --

    Thanks for the replies. Logic VS is the version that came with my Roland VS1880 recorder. I\'m not sure in what way it\'s limited, as opposed to full package. I haven\'t met any other Logic VS users yet.... that may be a sign!
    Thanks, Matthew

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