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Topic: Out of curiosity

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    Out of curiosity

    Gone again heh
    Nicole Davis

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    Re: Out of curiosity

    I think it sounds really good, actually. Quite light and nimble; GPO is very adept at handling a lot of notes. Classicism and romanticism aren't sooo far from eachother, vibrato's a little bigger, bow's a little heavier, violinist invites a few more friends...I love this piece also. What reverb did you use?

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    Excellent rendition and certainly not too many notes (as Mozart would have wanted). It seems you do listen to alot of Mozart. you made the piece sing.

    Hope you don't mind my mirroring this on the GPO General Discussion board (I'm still trying to figure out this new forum software). Reverb can take a bit of time to master. The Lexicon Reverb that comes with Sonar is one of my favorites. With SIR, perhaps you need to adjust the wet dry balance - it seems that you may bave the settings on 100% wet if you're only getting an echo sound.

    You did a beautiful job. Masterfully done!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Out of curiosity

    Well, another little gem. Nicole, you never cease to amaze me with your talent. I heard this Jupiter thing on the radio the other night, and thought that it would be a great piece for GPO. Now that IÕve heard your version, I might do it someday, but, IÕll be É. If IÕll post it hear unless itÕs awfully, awfully good. Thanks for sharing this superb realization.


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    Re: Out of curiosity

    This sounds really, really good. I agree with Gary, though, on the reverb. But all is not lost. There's an impulse file called something like "1200 Seat Modern Concert Hall" in the Real Spaces section of www.noisevault.com that would make this shine. Just load it into SIR, start with 100% dry signal (turn the wet slider down to 0 and the dry all the way up), and then start pushing the wet slider up until the sound "feels" natural. Normally something between 10 and 20 percent is enough to do the trick. Incidentally, the same concept works on the Lexicon reverb too (minus the impulse file, of course).

    Keep up the good work!

    "Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson."

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    Re: Out of curiosity

    Very well done, as everything you post here seems to be.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Out of curiosity

    Very nice indeed Nicole and thanks for sharing the midi file.


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    Re: Out of curiosity

    Again, GPO just excels at this kind of music! No other library at this price could do something like this with the grace displayed here. Your work is terrific as always, Nicole. Thanks for sharing this.

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    Re: Out of curiosity


    Nicely done and quite a workout for the polyphony I'll bet!


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    Re: Out of curiosity


    Are you using a sequencer? If so, which one?


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