I have to say that i was quite surprised after numerous e-mails........that the tech support is alive and well. Out of the blue, i received an email from Allen and he ROCKS. Helped me out of my problem. Allen is the king. Now I\'m happy. I wouldn\'t put up with this with any piece of other software that i own........but once you try Gigastudio you immediately turn into a Giga junkie. It\'s the best. Nothing compares. So i guess if i have to wait a month for a response i will have to accept it. i thank Mr Clark for the phone number to reach allen. i haven\'t had to use that yet, but it\'s great having it. Once you had steak.....you can\'t go back to hamburger. I love this program so I\'ll learn to live with the pitfalls.

Another Giga Junkie.

Hail Allen, almighty GigaKing