I can\'t believe the midi response of midi now that USB is a little more stable in XP..
Before USB in 98se was too erratic.. So I was just connected serial wise...
When your controller is hooked up to a separate system we are forced to have the midi info go through 2 midi interfaces.. The giga one and your host(Mine is logic)..
For those of you waiting.. Stop..
Once Xp is installed you simply hook up the interface, and let windows do the rest..
The midi response is sooooo much faster man..
I guess it helps too that MOTU has released yet another driver version for their 324 card.. So now I can lower my buffers again..
Buffers are set to 64 on it..
No glitches, no silliness, no nothing...
Hey I find too that the volume is fixed..
I noticed before that if Logic\'s volume was at 127 the piano would clip.. Not anymore..
Good job Tascam and all the other parties involved... I had the giga machine formatted, setup, and running in less than 2 hours.. A few tweaks and I had it going...
I notice that if I go to the system folder and then to advanced then performance.. I set this up to for best performance..
Then it sets windows back to the old style.
So then I just reset XP style in the Display properties..
This is awesome guys..
I love it..