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Topic: Comedy Demo with VSL

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    Comedy Demo with VSL

    I've been working on this comedy piece and using mostly VSL (pro edition Orch cube) I am trying to make it more colorful (orchestrally) while limiting it to strings and percussion. I think this is a matter of discovering all of the available articulations in VSL. (I've had VSL for a few months now.)

    It's supposed to be a light comedy piece, but it strikes me as a bit dreary and colorless. Perhaps it's a matter of dynamics.


    If you work with the Pro Edition of the Orch Cube, perhaps you can suggest other programs or articulations to brighten this piece.

    Even if you don't work with VSL I'd be grateful for your comments and suggestions.



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    Re: Comedy Demo with VSL

    I really like this, my only criticism is some of your articulations are too dry, add some nice 'verb and I think it will really shine.

    Nice orchestration by the way, keep up the good work.

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    Re: Comedy Demo with VSL

    The question is what kind of comedy you set out to achieve. I think the style you have written would work very well for light, romantic comedy where there is an element of control and politeness, but if you were aiming at more of a rambunctious, fallabout cartoony comedy, I would suggest a faster tempo which would make the fast strings more fleeting and lighter of touch. Also extremes of range by focusing on upper strings one moment and then handing over to lower would make the piece less careful and balanced. Flurries and anything unexpected also helps. More rhythmic percussion could add more drive.

    A classic (and often imitated) comedy style was created by Carl Stalling for the Warner Bros cartoons and CD compilations of some of these cues are available. With their hairpin changes of tempo and style, they are breathtaking and inspirational.

    BTW, I enjoyed your cue.

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    Re: Comedy Demo with VSL

    Thanks so much for listening!


    I think I am always too conservative with reverb. I'll have to experiment some more with the halls and settings. My worry is that he string runs will blur.



    Good point about the absence of woodwinds. I never considered it. I imagine it wouldn't be too hard for me to integrate some. I guess I avoided it out of laziness.

    I have a timpani glide in there that sounds occasionally, but I can't get it to stand out in the mix. That might add a little more especially if I use it on the off beat.

    I'll experiment with the different accents on the bass pizz too.



    A faster tempo might be what this piece needs. I'll try it. I find it difficult for the strings to remain articulate and and the same time push the tempo up.

    I'll see what extremes I can integrate into this piece.

    I think this piece is a bit on the cartoonish side, perhaps light romantic fluff, but perhaps not out and out zany like some of the music for cartoon classics.


    I'm going to work on this piece some more this week.

    Thanks again all!

    You people make this a great forum.


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