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Topic: 4:30 I couldnt sleep, and decided to do this

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    4:30 I couldnt sleep, and decided to do this

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    I did this jsut for myself, partly to test the new mic and mic-pre and see how it sounds on whisperlike/airy vocal ideas, and because I've always wanted to do two different arrangements of this song. One raw acoustic guitar/voice, and one arranged for strings and voice

    this is what I want to do with the guitar one (hence the off topic)


    its all over the place rhythmically and pitchy in parts, and I screw up the lyrics somewhere. I also only figured out the song/chords the night before.....disclaimers go on and on. All I gotta say, 4:30am :P

    yah I know its a wussy song considering my heavy metal screamyness, but its depeche mode, and the mode kicks butt.
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    Re: 4:30 I couldnt sleep, and decided to do this

    I really like this dude. Straight from the heart. I know as a fellow musician how annoying it is when you get compared to other people, but it's really a form of flattery. So, it reminds me of something Leanord Cohen would write.

    To put myself in a producer's role, I actually like how minimalist and simple it is, it gives it it's charm and sincerity. If I had my way, I'd just tell you to redo the vocals with more attention paid towards pitch, or auto-tune the one you have, and call it done.

    thanks for sharing
    Michael Peter

    If music be the food of love...
    play on

    William Shakespeare


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    Re: 4:30 I couldnt sleep, and decided to do this

    Hey Frog,

    this is actually a tune from Depeche Mode. It was originally a Piano/vox piece. I've always loved it, but never heard anyone do an acoustic guitar version (veruca salt did a VERY cool version with rhodes and cello). For a couple years now I thought it'd be neat to do a version like this for the heck of it, as well as do string arrangement or orchestral version. I just never have the time

    I was listening to the tune the night before I did this, and picked up the acoustic and spent a few minutes figuring out the chords, and then played it a couple of times trying to sing along. Normally I sing in a much fuller voice, but I wanted to practice something soft, and airy. Trying to play and sing is still difficult for me and this song especially since I'm moving alot of air to get this sound from my voice (my face went numb the first few times I tried it, which is werid since I have no problem singing at loud volumes and moving alot of air that way, I think it has to do with my breathing when I sing this way), so its gonna take some time of "knowing" the song before the pitch issues and phrasing problems go away, and since I recorded the tune with one mic, its impossible to jsut go in and fix things. It will have to be one take (hey but thats what practice if for)

    thanks for listening and sharing your thoughts
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    Re: 4:30 I couldnt sleep, and decided to do this

    Hi King,
    what mic have you used?

    and....I loved that Depeche song, it was a couple of years I din't listen it.

    oh..the timing...well..in italy now we are at 3.00 am so it sounds perfectly in time for me....


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    Re: 4:30 I couldnt sleep, and decided to do this

    yah, I love this tune too.

    You know its funny I wsnt really all into the 80's music thing. I knew some Depeche songs, but was never really into them, it went over my head. I did get into one Duran Duran song "New Moon on Monday" back then...thats my inherent leaning torwards good hooks tho.... but I was really on the outs of music back then, and when I got into music again it was definitely rock n roll stuff. Then I came back to Depeche within I'd say about 6 or so years ago, and I totally "got it". It might have helped that I got into alot of music that was heavily influenced by Depeche and that mod rock/mope rock scene.

    The minute I heard this song tho..... it blew me away that it had so much feeling but was so simple and almost cheesy if you take it away from being the song it was...

    anyhow, the mic is jsut a Rode NT-1A. I picked it up because I wanted somethign cheap, but better than what I was using. I'm actually quite happy with it. My voice is way too sharp to be using the 57 I was using, even with modelling effects.

    I had the Mic slightly angled towards the guitar (an ovation, so it doesnt project like a real dreadnaught would). I used a pop screen, and set it about 4-5 inches away, and sange fairly close to teh screen (but moved around...looking at the guitar, and then trying to not sing directly in to on P's and breathy words to avoid pops/booms, and on louder voices so compression wouldnt do all the work)

    Theres a heck of alot of multiband on the actual stereo recording tho. It also needs to be de-essed, and there is a slurpy word or two in there.

    I think I could do a really nice arrangement based on this acoustic performance tho (well a re recording of it, not this one, its rhythmically challenged). If I added some tremolo picked guitars playing thirds along in parts, and maybe some neat delayed clean guitars. All without percussion. It might be nice. Tho, as frog said, I really like the minimalistic approach alot too..

    anywho, thanks for listening
    Operation Mindcrime 2, in stores now.
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    The Digital Bitphonic Orchestra
    -Ashif "Ash" Hakik

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    Re: 4:30 I couldnt sleep, and decided to do this

    yeah, a tremolo guitar wil suit well imho, not sure about the delayed guitar.
    This reminds me some "fake plastic trees" sound.

    ...maybe a subtle distorted and heavy filtered single long synth sub-bass square note in some passages fading in and out...

    definitely I prefer that minimal approach, although I've a '70-'80 "west coast" rock background...


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