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Topic: can't authorize re-install

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    Question can't authorize re-install

    Hi all, been a bit since I've posted here.

    I just had to replace my system drive (re-installed same system software - 98se) and now when re-installed, GS 96 (v 2.0) won't recognize my piano disk --an essential step to be able to enter my registration code. The CD drive seems fine--it's installed and run lots of other stuff.

    Any ideas?



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    Re: can't authorize re-install

    I had the same problem. Here's the solution:

    Open the Registry. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Nemesys, Gigastudio,User. There should be a key that says UserKey and it's blank. You should enter your registration here (create the key if it doesn't exist) and then it won't ask you for your piano disk anymore.


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    Cool Re: can't authorize re-install


    Thanks for the very quick response. I checked the registry at the key you suggested, and yup, there it is. It already has the correct CD-Key number in it.

    I'm at the same place though. It still requests the piano disk, I put it in and it doesn't accept it, and so I cannot enter my registration number (different from the CD-Key in the registry).

    Any other thoughts?


    Thanks again!


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    Re: can't authorize re-install

    Just wanted to follow up with what I found out at Tascam support in case it's helpful to someone else in the future.

    For some reason, after reinstalling 98se (with all current updates) GS 2.0 would not read my piano disk to complete the install/registration. Once I updated to 2.5 it the piano disk was recognized and the problem was solved. I had to contact Tascam support to get my download code since I couldn't enter my registration number until I upgraded.


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