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Topic: My saved setups come back changed ...help

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    My saved setups come back changed ...help

    When I save a setup or template as it were and then come back the next day and load the setup it is frequently different as far as volume settings go.

    At first I assumed that cubase which I started up after Gigastudio 160 was sending some kind of command or message which reset the volumes in Giga.

    Some volumes would say zero, others 127 others who knows.

    I tried to set each channel in each port to 'undefined' as far as controller info goes, that is, after I had set the relative volumes on each channel. It still is messing up.

    I also link the 4 ports together for layering and so tried unlinking before saving. Still not working properly.

    This is an impossible situation to work with as I really need this template to stay the same most of the time and just tweak sometimes.

    I have giga on one pc and cubase on the other.

    Can anyone help with this?


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    Re: My saved setups come back changed ...help


    I use one template for 99% of my work. I also use a template, matching the GS template, in my sequencer. I save this as my default setup in GS and as my Basic Setup in my sequencer. Of course I have always the same setup for start this way.
    If I use a different setup, I save it in GS with a xyz name. When I load GS again, it first will load the default setup.From FILE, I open the xyz file and start my sequencer from GS.I open the midi-file which used the xyz setup. You should have the same settings as you had when you saved.
    I used to make a mistake when closing GS, after I made some changes in GS during my work, GS asking if I want to save it, I automaticaly answered Yes, and saved the file I realy did not want, mixing things up for the next loading. Now, unless I want to make the changes to either the default or an xyz setup permanent, I say NO.
    I hope this helps.


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