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Topic: Need an XP expert for a sec??

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    Need an XP expert for a sec??

    Okay, I started with my 1st computer setting everything up on win XP...
    Runs great, did a few tweaks to the displays etc... I\'m able to lower my buffer settings to 64 on my 2408, no crackles... Re-registered a bunch of plugs.... I\'m working... Then Mr. Smarty pants as I am disabled my Administrative access to log on windows.. It\'s the only password/user set up..
    Is there a way to bypass the log on feature??
    I can\'t believe I did this..
    I know, Iknow, But tomorrow I loading XP on the giga machine...

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    Re: Need an XP expert for a sec??

    Got it..
    Boot xp in safe mode, create a new user profile with admin use.. Boom..
    Lucky one there.

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