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Topic: David Maddux to Orchestrate 'Robin Hood" The Musical

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    David Maddux to Orchestrate 'Robin Hood" The Musical

    David Maddux has been chosen to orchestrate "Robin Hood", a new musical by the authors of "Annie". The world premiere of Robin Hood will be presented in late 2004, at the Village Theatre just outside Seattle. Music is by Peter Sipos (who wrote for Celine Dion, Jeanne, etc.) and lyrics are by Martin Charnin (who won the Tony for "Annie, Two by Two"). The play is based on a book by Thomas Meehan.Meehan won a Tony Award in 2001 for co-writing the libretto for "The Producers" and a 2003 Tony for co-writing the libretto for "Hairspray" (and also won the Tony for Annie). He is also a contributor to the new Broadway musical, Bombay Dreams.

    The Merry Men of Sherwook Forest (those who famously stole from the rich and gave to the poor) have returned for more action and adventure. The story picks up where the original and well-known Robin Hood legend ended. I am looking forward to seeing Robin Hood later this year. David will be using a GPO orchestra for this production.
    Congratulations David!

    Gary Garritan

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    Thumbs up Re: David Maddux to Orchestrate 'Robin Hood" The Musical

    Way to go Dave! Congratulations to you and to GPO! What a team.
    Robin Hood, another one of my favorite stories. Knock 'em dead Dave!
    Absolutely awesome news...

    What did ya say your name was buddy?
    I didn't.
    OK, I didn't....

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    Re: David Maddux to Orchestrate 'Robin Hood" The Musical

    Many, many thanks. This is a stellar opportunity to show off what GPO can do in a theatrical application. The team of writers has heard a few demos, and all are amazed at the quality of the orchestral sound. Hats off to Gary & the GPO masters!

    David M.

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    Re: David Maddux to Orchestrate 'Robin Hood" The Musical

    Congratulations David, I look forward to hearing your score.

    Good luck with the writing.

    Best wishes

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    Talking Re: David Maddux to Orchestrate 'Robin Hood" The Musical

    Congradulations David! I hope it will be a huge success! And maybe make it to a cast recording! I'll be first in line! Martin Charnin is one of my favorite lyricists! What esteemed company you keep!

    Hope all of us at GPO central will have the opportunity to hear your score!


    We are the makers of music and the dreamers of dreams.

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