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Topic: DAW's

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    What DAW's do you have? What chassis are you using? Is Chieftech a silent chassis?

    I don't need one ready bulit, I want to choose components myself...
    Please share your specs! And if someone can explain why they are much more expensive than ordinary chassis....? I'm currently looking at a 19" one from chieftech.

    Kind Regards

    Audun Jemtland

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    Re: DAW's

    Well my current DAW is a little antiquated, but here goes:
    Athlon 2800XP
    1024 MB RAM
    Asus a7n8x mobo
    2 x Delta 1010
    1 x 40 GB and 2 x 80GB HD's
    MOTU MIDI interface (PARALLEL)
    PC2: (samples)
    Athlon XP 2200
    1024 MB RAM
    Asus a7v333 mobo
    1 x Echo Gina
    1 x 18 GB HD System
    3 x 36 GB SCSI drives on RAID (don't ask got it cheap)
    Use MIDIoverLAN between the PC's.
    Both have Antec Sonata's, and yes they are noticeably quieter than most cases I got to test.
    But I am currently deciding on a new DAW (the other 2 PC's will be 1 for giga and 1 for VI's)...it's a choice between a P IV and a G5.
    Either way I am actually looking to transfer most of my DAW's into 4RU cases, even though they will be noisier it'll suit my requirements a bit more.
    As to your questions about why they are more expensive? They certainly are not as mass produced as a normal chassis, the tend to come with more cooling, and generally tend to be of stronger construction as they have a need to be more sturdy to stay in a rack, even with sliders, than a normal desktop/tower based PC. To an extent I always suspect that they also cost more because their target market, server's, can always be expected to pay more money than your average home user.

    Well, my twenty cents worth anyway

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