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Topic: Old Lady and the Emperor

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    Old Lady and the Emperor

    Can someone tell me which of the 2 piano's sound more full and balanced in tone and volume. I apollogized if that doesn't seem to make sense. I know that with my giga piano some of the keys differ in character and tone. please advise.

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    Re: Old Lady and the Emperor

    It really depends on what kind of piano do you prefer.

    Old Lady is a Steinway, so it's muddy when played soft and goes to bright with higher velocities.

    Emperor is a Bosendorfer soooooooo...it's a Bosendorfer

    Listen to the demos of both and decide which one you like more. The best way is to download a same composition played on both pianos (there's a Debussy played with both on the PMI website).
    Jan Nemecek

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