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Topic: Cello Duet Improv (GPO)

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    Cello Duet Improv (GPO)

    Started out as a test of the DXi vs VSTi versions of GPO under SONAR. I'd delayed one of the signals so that I could A/B any differences. Soon, as I was noodling, I got the idea to transpose one of the lines up a fifth. The rest happened when I decided to follow where my spirit was leading:

    http://www.markleford.com/music/tmp/...duetimprov.mp3 (1.9Mb)

    Starring our good friends "Cello 1 Solo" and "Cello 2 Solo", and maybe a little inspiration by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

    - m

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    Re: Cello Duet Improv (GPO)

    Hi Markleford,

    You're such a good and generous programmer I think that you deserve, at least, one reply!

    I have to admit that this sort of music is far too experiimental for my sensitivities although at times, like around 0:52s, there was fleeting agreement with my senses.

    I was disappointed with the harmonica sound of one of the cellos......this took me back to earlier efforts of acoustic instrument synthesis. Maybe it's the way you're using the sounds and perhaps a little tweaking might help.

    I'm surprised that some of the folk here who like modern or experimental music haven't commented. I can't really say more......Well I could but............(Gary???? )



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    Re: Cello Duet Improv (GPO)

    Thanks for the listen and words, Frank...

    There are some notes in the Cello sample sets that I think have a sustain that sounds too "mechanical" from having a loop region that is too short. I think that they might benefit from having some LFO's tweaking the volume and timbre of them over time of the sustain, or possibly having a layer that is primarily "string/bow noise", where it's the upper-frequency grit, and have this playing in an asynchronous loop to the actual fundamental tones. Sometimes I wonder if hybrid additive synthesis techniques could work, where the note starts with the actual sample data, then morphs to a synthesized sustain region, and finally comes back to sample data for the note release.

    But this is some of that physical modelling stuff that Gary dreams about integrating someday: we're not quite there, yet!

    Each of the three cellos do have their own character, so I suppose you could select the ones that are best for you. Or you could even select two of the same cello, so long as you avoid unison notes.

    At any rate, some tweaking would definitely help, but this was a one-pass affair (with no post-performance editing). If I'd though about it ahead of time, I'd have set up a controller pedal for volume changes, at the very least. And if I were ever required to do this live, I'd probably integrate articulation switching somehow.

    But all that is forethought, while this was an attempt to capture some spontaneity.

    It is what it is! Thanks again for the reply.

    - m

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    Re: Cello Duet Improv (GPO)


    Very intriguing piece and reminiscent of a Yo-Yo Ma concert. This is a very difficult piece to pull off with a real cello let alone a sample library. You are stretching some of the limits of the instrument.

    I think this is the kind of piece that is well suited for our upcoming Solo Strings library. It will have a layer that is "string/bow noise". The hybrid techniques are working well but there is more that needs to be done.

    For a one-pass affair (with no post-performance editing) you did a remarkable job! It was refreshing to hear this.

    Thanks for posting your music.

    Gary Garritan

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