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Topic: GS 160 Freezes CPU emits hi pitch tone!

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    GS 160 Freezes CPU emits hi pitch tone!

    GS 160 is playing along very well and suddenly it freezes: the CPU board emits a hi-pitched tone and I have to reboot. I think this is a memory error. CPU Athlon 1.4, Asus A7A266 1 Gig PC 133 Ram. Windoze 98 2nd ed.

    Any ideas at all on how to fix this problem?

    Please advise and send the bill to Tascam!

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    Re: GS 160 Freezes CPU emits hi pitch tone!

    MMM, No PIII and no Intel chipset. Also you should have picked ecc ram. What I\'m saying is that I wouldn\'t touch AMD and other boards then Intel with a seven foot pole for pro-audio workstations.

    This isn\'t helpful but you should have picked your system more carefully, GS is expensive enough.


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    Re: GS 160 Freezes CPU emits hi pitch tone!

    I have a GigaStudio system running \'fine\' on my KT133 chipset based system, so the AMD is probably not the problem. (\'Fine\'=when poly gets high I get stuck notes and such. But this seems to be a problem with my lame Egosys MIDITerminal). It could be a host of things. Your soundcard, an IRQ conflict etc. Also, does this happen all the time or only when you use above a certain amount of RAM or something?

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    Re: GS 160 Freezes CPU emits hi pitch tone!

    > I wouldn\'t touch AMD

    This is NOT the opinion of most audio system builders.


    What do you mean by CPU board? The Motherboard?

    Yes, could well be a memory problem. Do you have multiple SDRAMs that you can swap in and out?

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    Re: GS 160 Freezes CPU emits hi pitch tone!

    Bill: yes I mean the Motherboard emits the tone.

    PIII: I have one of these a P3-800. The performance sucks. Maybe 100 voices if I\'m lucky on 16 channels. The Athlon 1.4 just leaves it in the dust.

    Perhaps I will change the Ram to DDR and see what happens. In the meantime I turned Virtual memory back on and it seems to be ok for now.

    If someone can recommend an absolutlely fool proof hi-performance 160 Voice, 48 Midi channels, crash proof, IRQ Bios settings enabling, Intel Board then I will rush out and buy one. Or just give up and order the new Soundchaser GigaRack.

    Thanks for your feedback everyone. Mel\'Tron

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    Re: GS 160 Freezes CPU emits hi pitch tone!

    Try removing one stick of RAM and see if you have problems. If it works then switch the RAM until you find the bad stick.

    Also, check your motherboard documentation to see if it has an error such as the one your receiving.

    If the RAM is good, you may have a bad motherboard.

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    Re: GS 160 Freezes CPU emits hi pitch tone!

    I swear most audiosystem builder DO prefer PIII system instead of AMD, all truly professional software (Logic Audio/WaveLab is PIII native... believe me it makes a difference)

    Regardless of that, if it works for you it\'s fine

    As for the topic, it can be indeed a IRQ conflict (mostly the videocard that gives ****e) It can be the disks, are dedicated disks used for GS or is one trying to stream from 1 C: (system) disk only... that won\'t fly etc... etc...

    GS is very good when 100% crashfree, otherwise if not, it\'s a hell program.


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    Re: GS 160 Freezes CPU emits hi pitch tone!

    Don\'t know if this is the case, but
    high pitched sound followed by a crash?
    Sounds to me like you\'re cooling fan
    getting cought on the edges, thus slowing it down and reduce its cooling ability, followed by overheating of the CPU which causes the system to hang up.


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    Re: GS 160 Freezes CPU emits hi pitch tone!

    Some Mama boards don\'t like too much ram either. How much ya got going?
    Some are limited to 1 gig, and win 98se doesn\'t like more than 512 stalk, ya have to know how to fudge thangs after that.
    Could be a fan thing said above mine was whinnin for a while on the old system..
    I found the harddrives to be big on poly count. I went IDE raid O, and haven\'t looked back. Even now on XP

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    Re: GS 160 Freezes CPU emits hi pitch tone!

    I finally figured out the problem: Memory Error!

    Here it is: 3 Ram Slots 2-256 meg 1-512 Meg Ram Stick. PC 133 (Asus A7A 266)

    Now the 512 Meg Ram stick was just slightly loose in its socket. I took it out and put it back in very firmly and now I can load up to 97% Memory of Giga Instruments w/o a problem. Thats over 100 instruments on line!

    Even more interesting was a problem that developed with my Matrox G450 Graphics card. IT was also giving me memory errors. The problem was that the screw that holds the card in was pulling IT OUT of its\' socket! So I took the card out and put it back in again firmly and did not use the screw to hold it in place.

    I am finding that over 90% of problems with Digital Audio is in the form of connectors and cabling.

    I hope this conclusion may be of help.

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