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Topic: A bit of fluff...

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    Red face A bit of fluff...

    Here is a little bit of fluff that I call "Jaunty". It is 75% GPO.


    (Well...they can't ALL be masterpieces.)


    Larry A.

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    Re: A bit of fluff...

    I must have listen to something else - I have about 200 songs in my download folder. Sorry.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: A bit of fluff...

    Quote Originally Posted by trentpmcd
    This is fun. The lead instrument, clarinet, sounded very electronic which made your references to Bach sound like Switched on Bach. Not that that's a bad thing. Can't help but smile while listening to this.

    References to Bach?? I made none. To what are you referring?

    The lead instrument is a recorder (sort of) not a clarinet! I edited the parameters of the recorder to give it a different sound.

    Thanks for your comments. I appreciate your perusal.


    Larry A.

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