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Topic: Matteo's GPO Patches

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    Matteo's GPO Patches

    Using Matteos additional GPO Patches (see http://www.garritan.com/downloads.html ) - they are really very very useful. However, everytime I load one of the patches up in the Kontakt player it goes through the 'can't find sample' routine. The 'find' option is always greyed out, so even though I know where the samples are, the dialogue insists on scanning the whole hard disk for every sample.

    Does anyone know how/where am I supposed to place these .nki files so that it remembers where the samples are? The patches seem to be looking for samples in this path by default [presumably Matteo's library path]:
    E:\GPO Library\<GPO_Library_part3.nks>\Tpt 2 Samples\PicTrumpC4.wav

    But my GPO is installed on C:\program files\garritan personal orchestra\gpo library\...etc

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    Re: Matteo's GPO Patches

    Yeah this is an unfortunate bug in the NI player which shows up in a couple different forms. The mostly good news is that NI expects to have the "find sample" dialog completely fixed in the next update - though the problem of the missing samples (tied to a particular directory) won't be fixed yet. Nevertheless thnigs should be significantly easier to use due to the find sample fix.

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    Re: Matteo's GPO Patches

    i'm the creator of the pathes! thanks for the appreciation!
    i don't know how to solve your problem... i know it because one day i tried to move the GPO library to another drive, but there was no registry tweak that could solve the "missing samples" problem!!
    i hope that in the following release of GPO this bug (but is this really a bug?) will be solved!

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    Re: Matteo's GPO Patches

    Oh ok - many thanks for your replies. I'll sit tight for the update then.

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