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Topic: Why should I upgrade?

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    Why should I upgrade?

    I was really expecting an enhancement of Kontakt\'s import function - especially Giga and Akai. But nothing.

    I also heard that Kontakt 1.5 doesn\'t scroll in Vsti mode - a bug? Not fixed?

    The enhancements seem relatively minor - I\'m too lazy to fiddle about with beat and loop slicing, blah, blah. Who cares about all that really?

    Look, Kontakt is wonderful and I\'m happy with it, but do I really need to spend extra $$$ on such a minor upgrade? Can anyone tell me why I should?



    P.S. Imports.

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    Re: Why should I upgrade?

    If you\'re worried about spending $30 then it\'s probably better to give up music and watch TV.

    Forget the features and the hype. 1.5 just works better.

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    Re: Why should I upgrade?


    I just like to have the latest versions and keep the stock fresh for company.

    BTW, v1.51 does load the samples faster. For me I use it as a DXI in Sonar Producer 3.0

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Why should I upgrade?

    Thanks Alan.

    Bill\'s reply seems to be something of a non sequitur and a fraction rude, but that\'s ok, I suppose.

    My point is that NI could be updating Kontakt three or four times a year now, and that could turn out to be expensive for the user. I certainly wouldn\'t like to pay twenty or thirty pounds per update if basic functions (eg. imports enhancements for Giga and Akai; the two most prevalent library formats) are not being developed.

    No disrespect to NI is intended. I think you make superb instruments, but please don\'t forget the basics.

    BTW, does scrolling work in Vst mode?


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    Re: Why should I upgrade?

    Scrolling (via mouse) works in Dxi and Standalone modes, but not in Vst.

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    Re: Why should I upgrade?

    Originally posted by Not Dudley Simpson:
    ...if basic functions (eg. imports enhancements for Giga and Akai; the two most prevalent library formats) are not being developed.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I highly recommend CDExtract...okay, so it\'s another $140, but it\'ll virtually eliminate your importing issues - you\'ll still probably have to do a little messing with mapping and ADSR envelopes and stuff like that - but you\'ll have to do that stuff any time you import samples whether importing capability is built-in or not.

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