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Topic: "Mangled" Instruments in GS 160

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    Unhappy "Mangled" Instruments in GS 160

    I'm having a real problem with Gigastudio 160 which almost renders it unusable. Each time I try to set up a .GSP file its contents are "mangled" as soon as I open a Finale 2004 .MUS file.

    For example, I set up the following in GS 160:

    Port 1-Channel 1: Solo Clarinet
    Port 1-Channel 2: Solo Clarinet
    Port 1-Channel 3: Solo Violin
    Port 1-Channel 4: Solo Violin
    Port 1-Channel 5: Solo Viola
    Port 1-Channel 6: Solo Cello

    So far, so good. But then, as soon as I open a Finale document the instrument settings in GS get "mangled" so that Solo Clarinet is now in EVERY channel of EVERY port - i.e., ALL 64 channels available!

    What on earth is happening here?

    I have previously managed to save some GSP files with larger numbers of instruments but have experienced another problem too. This problem occurs when I'm trying to add a second copy of an instrument into an empty channel. With the empty channel selected I should be able to double-click on the instrument I want to load to it in the list, right? But no - I double-click and nothing happens! However, if I go up to the channel itself and use the little down-arrow and follow this menu through to select from a list of instruments already loaded, then it will load. I can then save the GSP, but when I re-load it the second, third, etc., instances of some instruments disappear and I have empty channels instead. Why is the happening?

    I'm using Finale 2004 on Win XP. 1 Gb RAM and 3.0 GHz Pentium IV.

    I'd be grateful for any thoughts from you guys as I've sent these details to TASCAM via their web-site but not heard anything back as yet!

    P.S.: By the way - why are there two sets of forums on this site (one under /forums and one under /forums4)?

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    Re: "Mangled" Instruments in GS 160

    In the Finale Instrument list, you need to un-ckeck "Send Patches Before Play"

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    Re: "Mangled" Instruments in GS 160

    Thanks, Bill. I will try that tonight and report back. Thanks for your help.

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