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Topic: Sonar, Giga96 and Layla20

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    Sonar, Giga96 and Layla20

    Hi NG,
    When I installed Giga96ver2.5, everything worked fine except that it would not share the Layla20 outputs and inputs with Sonar or Sounforge. The error message from Sonar was that the Layla 1,2 was being used by another program. I set the Sonar audio tab to share Layla with other programs with negative results. I uninstalled Giga96 and everything returned to normal with Sonar and Soundforge. Can anyone advise me how to set multiclient usage with Layla? There is no setting for Layla 20 ver 6.0 do do this. Any other comments and advice are welcome.


    Asus a7v266e
    512 pc2100
    1.4 t-bird
    20 & 60 gig maxtors (dma checked)
    sonar1.3, soundforge 5.0, gig96 ver 2.5

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    Re: Sonar, Giga96 and Layla20

    You cannot share the same outputs in both Sonar and GigaStudio with the Layla card. You will need to disable some in Sonar and then setup the disabled ones in Giga. For example: Outputs 1,2 and 3,4 for Sonar and Outputs 5,6 and 7,8 for Giga.

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