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Topic: Record to file

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    Record to file

    Funny, I had that in the GPO Studio in my mac but where did this go in my laptop? Or is this v1.1 an older one?


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    Re: Record to file

    Yup. It should be v1.2 now.
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    Re: Record to file

    Quote Originally Posted by Shazbot
    Yup. It should be v1.2 now.
    Hi again!

    So where is it?

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    Re: Record to file

    Okay, found it! Wouldn't it be easier to put it on the support site instead of having to search in the forum first?


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    Re: Record to file


    It is on the support site. http://www.garritan.com/downloads.html


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    Re: Record to file

    Hmmmmm....that's where I mysteriously got v1.1

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    Re: Record to file

    I just checked with Gary and the posted version on the support site is indeed 1.1. As it turns out, version 1.2 isn't officially out of beta yet. When it becomes final it will be posted on the site.


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    Re: Record to file

    Whoops, then my GPOStudio & Cubasis tutorial jumps the gun on that... But otherwise, there's no way to record GPOStudio out of Cubasis (and no other way to exceed 24 instruments with GPO as a VSTi in Cubasis), so hopefully that can become official soon...
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    Re: Record to file

    Version 1.2 is still in beta and not finalized yet. If you email me I could send you the beta.

    Gary Garritan

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