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Topic: problems using Cubase and Giga together!

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    problems using Cubase and Giga together!

    Is it possible to use Cubase and Gigasampler sharing the same soundcard without problems? Till now i can\'t?!!!

    How should i Configure my RME Hammerfall 9652 to make it work?

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    Re: problems using Cubase and Giga together!

    I\'m sorry to bring it like this but Cubase and Giga won\'t fly (at least not without a heartattackt)

    LA platinum and GS is very well possible, but keep in mind to (if you have a dual-client soundcard) that GS uses output 1/2 and Logic 3/4


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    Re: problems using Cubase and Giga together!

    This is bull
    Open Giga.
    Set its outputs to, say, 1,2
    Open Cubase from giga.
    Cubase will recognize that 1,2 are bsuy and will automatically go to the next available free output
    and you will fly

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    Re: problems using Cubase and Giga together!


    You have no idea what you are talking about. Do a little research before you spout off misinformation.

    Here is a Cubase/Giga setup procedure the Tascam guys gave me.

    1. Open GigaStudio and configure the ports used by Giga for its outputs.

    2. Configure Cubase VST as the preferred sequencer used by GigaStudio in the Settings>General page.

    3. Close GigaStudio.

    4. Open the ASIO Multimedia Setup app (not the Cubase sequencer app). Disable the ports in use by GigaStudio and enable the ports on the GSIF audio device you wish to use with Cubase. These must be different than the ports used by GigaStudio.

    5. Open the Setup MME app (not the Cubase sequencer app) and configure the Nemesys MIDI out Port x for the preferred MIDI out device for Cubase.

    6. Open GigaStudio and then launch Cubase by clicking the sequencer button on the toolbar (music staff icon).

    Now, you should be good to go.

    King Buzzo

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