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Topic: PMI website

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    PMI website

    We experienced some hosting problems with our website and were forced to re-direct our homepage straight into the shopping basket to avoid 404-messages. This made our mp3 demos, product information and support section un-available for some time. The server problem was caused by our hosting company who switched to a blazing-fast new system, which started up really slow. Our website is back on-line and when their backlog is gone (in a few hours or so) you will be able to download the demo gig files of the new PMI Emmperor and Old Lady piano libraries with drastically increased downloading speed.
    We apologise for the inconvenience.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: PMI website

    I noticed that
    I was going to show a friend of mine some info about the libraries

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    Re: PMI website

    Hallo goedemorgen Herman!

    Listened to your "dissonata_pt_I_disorientation" clip, very nice work!
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: PMI website

    Ook goedemorgen!

    Thanks. I used the piece to get admitted to the HKU Composition for the Media bachelor.
    I'm still in doubt which piano library to buy. Too much choice at postpiano.com

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    Re: PMI website

    For me (my personal view) I dislike all the Spam on this board! It's like PMI everywhere pimping their wares! I actually like the Libs from PMI, but PLEASE! sign up for your own "PMI" spot instead of subjecting us to the pimpage day after day. I'm sure you have to feed the kids, but invest some of your cash on a (NS - PMI section) Thanks.

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    Re: PMI website

    I couldn't disagree more with Christo7. I like the fact that the developers have such an active role on this forum. There are very few businesses that are so in tune with their customer base. Announcements of new products and customer service related materials are easy enough to skip over for those who are not interested and are very valuable to those who are. Michiel and many other developers keep in very close contact with their customers through this website. I for one value all of the information on products, customer service and special deals that are offered on this site. There is a reason it is the best place to go for sampling information...it has everything. Pick and choose what you want to read. My thanks to Michiel and others for keeping us all informed.

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    Re: PMI website

    I respect varying opinions, and I agree that it's important for developers to give advice, but if you have noticed there are places for that! Steinberg, Giga etc. I definitely don't respect the spammers that hawk! there are places put aside for that.

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    Re: PMI website

    I wish more developers would "spam" this board. I don't have time to check their individual sites, and this is a great place to keep up to date with new releases. An individual PMI board wouldn't solve that problem. This is the "Sample Libraries" board. When there is a development in a library, this is the first place I would expect to hear about it.

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    Re: PMI website

    If you look at my post I said NS-PMI section, not PMI board - confusion?

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    Re: PMI website

    Look, I don't necessarily care to get roughed up by the PMI zealots! All that I'm saying is I don't really care to click on the Sample Libraries Discussion link and see PMI PMI, FOR SALE - PMI THIS AND THAT! they have a place for such things here and I'm sure the Admin would love to make a PMI section here, if Mr. Post would pay for one.

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