I am using Gigasampker LE 1.64 together with cubase 3.5 audio/midisequencer. (Athlon 600,256MB,Terratec EWX 24/96)

After loading the soundbanks and switching (back) into cubase, the
soundbanks on the gs has been completly changed. (?)
Some of the instrumenttables have been copied 2-4 times randomly onto other banks, some have been deleted.
After that i tried to reconfigurate (load saved properties) the banks, and switched into cubase again.Then it the same confused thing appeard again.
I also have a sblive card for sf2 tables in use, but since i installed the terratec ewx 24/96, i deactivated the sblive.
Could there still be any conflict between this 2 cards?
What else could be wrong on my system?