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Topic: GigaSampler doesn't recognize MOTU 1224

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    GigaSampler doesn\'t recognize MOTU 1224

    Can anyone help me troubleshoot a problem? I\'ve tried just about everything I can think of with no luck. I\'m hoping someone may have some suggestions. I\'ve submitted this to GigaSampler\'s email techsupport weeks ago and have not had a response even after submitting a second time. I didn\'t see anything quite like it in the forum posts.

    Basic Problem:
    GigaSampler does not recognize my Motu 1224 interface.

    When I press the config button in GigaSampler, my Aureal Vortex card shows up, but not my Motu interface. IT USED TO WORK, but I haven\'t used it for quite a while. Nothing at all happens when I press the \"profile system\" button.

    - PIII - 667MHz - 512M RAM
    - W98se
    - GigaSampler LE (from CakeWalk ProSuite) - v1.62.006
    - MOTU 1224/PCI-324 - latest WDM driver set from MOTU web site.

    Additional Info:
    - Many months ago, when the system worked, I was using CakeWalk 9 ProSuite, MOTU PCI-324 release 9 drivers. I\'m now using Sonar and the MOTU WDM drivers.
    - The MOTU GSIF driver shows up in my Windows Device Manager interface \"GSIF Driver for MOTU324\".
    - I\'ve tried returning to the MOTU release 9 drivers with no luck. (Even going as far as to uninstall the hardware)
    - I\'ve tried re-installing GigaSampler.

    Additional Question:
    I suspect that MOTU makes itself known somewhere in the system and that GigaSampler looks somewhere in the system and that somehow either MOTU is not showing up correctly or GigaSampler is not looking correctly. Can anyone give me any detail/background/insight about how this handshake works? Maybe that would give me clues of other things to look for. (Windows registry? system.ini? BIOS? What? I don\'t know enough about how drivers work in general to do myself much good.)

    I am trying to record a piece that requires the GigaSampler piano and would really like to get this thing up and running as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: GigaSampler doesn\'t recognize MOTU 1224

    You could also try calling MOTU support. Maybe the old drivers where not removed and cause a conflict or something.

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    Re: GigaSampler doesn\'t recognize MOTU 1224

    The 1224 interface really isn\'t the concern..
    It\'s the 324 card...
    Hmm I\'ve never had this problem.
    I assume you are enabling the the giga driver? Hmm. Ya try an uninstall of the driver, and reinstall... You aren\'t trying to install the XP drivers are you?
    Take the bottom driver in the Motu download page. Check in the diagnostic page for giga, Is the 324 card showing up there??
    I read your statement.. The WDM drivers for giga are Win 2k/xp only.. So it seems as though you can\'t use the WDM and giga\'s newest drivers on 98se... So I\'m sure you can\'t do both on 98se.. To do that you need to go to XP..

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    Re: GigaSampler doesn\'t recognize MOTU 1224

    Thanks Joris, I\'ve already tried MOTU support. They said (I\'m paraphrasing) \"we just put the drivers in the directory\". There may indeed be old drivers or mismatched drivers on my system, but I have no idea what they are. Without some level of detail about what is _supposed_ to be in place, I have no way to proceed other than random trial and error. The random trial and error approach has not done me much good so far. I really need someone to give me some detail about what is really supposed to be in place (and what is not).

    Thanks again.

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Joris Vincken:
    You could also try calling MOTU support. Maybe the old drivers where not removed and cause a conflict or something.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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    Re: GigaSampler doesn\'t recognize MOTU 1224

    Thanks Brian,

    What specifically does one need to do to \"enable the giga driver\"? Can you give me any detail on this? To answer your other question, the MOTU interface does not show up in the Giga \"config\" dialog (used to long ago). Is this what you are calling the diagnostic page or is there another place I should be looking?

    According to the text on the MOTU page, the WDM driver package (the section titled \"PCI-324 Install for WDM, ASIO, GSIF\") should work with W98se (\"Installer supports Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP\"). Do you have _specific_ knowledge that this set of drivers won\'t work on W98SE? I\'ve been using this installation for a quite a while and the WDM drivers seem to work fine. Did they go from a version of the GSIF drivers that worked in 98SE to one that didn\'t? If I can confirm that this is really not _supposed_ to work, I\'ll abandon my efforts, but from the MOTU download page, it looks to me like the drivers in the top section are supposed to work.

    Thanks again,


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    Re: GigaSampler doesn\'t recognize MOTU 1224

    PS to the previous posts: Yes, I have tried to uninstall and re-install the various versions of the MOTU drivers, but don\'t know enough about what is supposed to be there to tell whether anything is being left over or not. I\'ve also tried uninstalling and re-installing GigaSampler and noticed that the uninstall leaves all kinds of garbage in the registry.

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    Re: GigaSampler doesn\'t recognize MOTU 1224

    Assuming that you have the recent most drivers for Motu...
    Have a look in the device manager section.
    Control panel, system then device manager.
    Open up the Sound video games folder.
    Hopefully you have little question marks beside a couple of them.
    If not, update those drivers, click update and direct the install to the new drivers fot motu, (Nov 29th build), you may have to do this for all the drivers.
    I had to do this on XP for the motu stuff, no a biggy once you go through it a couple times.
    If they install right, you should be up and running.

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    Re: GigaSampler doesn\'t recognize MOTU 1224


    You must have the following components in your device manager under \"sound and video game controllers\"

    \"GSIF Driver for MOTU 324\"
    \"Mark of the Unicorn PCI-324\"
    \"Wave Driver for PCI-324\"

    The way the MOTU guys have written the install wizard, you must have GigaStudio
    installed first before installing the PCI-324 software. So the steps are as

    Install and update (if necessary) for GigaStudio.

    Restart the computer as directed

    Do not run GigaStudio for the first time until you install the PCI-324 software.


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