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Topic: SOS! can't do final mix 'till i receive support!

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    SOS! can\'t do final mix \'till i receive support!

    is this a stupid question? please chime in. i need assistance right away!:

    some of us have kept our giga PCs modem free, and we download software to our other (sequencer equipped) computer, which may be a mac.

    has ANYONE with a setup like this, successfully downloaded the nfx4 EQ module available upon registering?

    did it come as a \".mim\" file or a \".exe\" file?

    did it transfer to your PC OK?

    please help!

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    Re: SOS! can\'t do final mix \'till i receive support!

    I have the update... it\'s an EXE file and it works fine... If you need any info please contact me via mail (hypothesis@mail.com) or icq (19845565)... Bye & goodluck...

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