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Topic: Best backup solution?

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    Best backup solution?


    Finally after months of tweaking my DAW runs fairly stable. How can the C; drive be 100% back-upped? including OS, Registry, Drivers everything.. so say I format my c: drive, I insert that special CD-Rom and it completely recovers the state it\'s in now. So without Windows installing etc.. Everything must be on the backup CD(s)


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    Re: Best backup solution?

    Hi Pendragon
    Try Norton Ghost from Symantic - it creates
    a perfekt mirror of your harddisk.


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    Re: Best backup solution?

    DriveImage is the other option. Also good.

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    Re: Best backup solution?

    Thanks all

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    Re: Best backup solution?

    Thanks again, I\'ll buy Symantec Norton Ghost 2002 then

    My C: drive has 3 partitions, how do I backup these in Ghost in 1 solution? So, does it backup the whole c; drive with partitions? Suppose something goes horribly wrong and the entire C; drive has to be formatted, will Ghost restore the entire state of the drive including partitions?

    Thanks a million,

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    Re: Best backup solution?

    I suggest Norton Ghost too.

    don\'t think this is an opinion, it\'s a matter of facts

    will surely help

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