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Topic: Setting up XP system - need help?!?!

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    Re: Setting up XP system - need help?!?!

    I have been using 2.50.46 for about 6 weeks with Logic Audio on XP without a problem. No crashes, no blue screens. Which audiocard are you using? The audio driver might be your biggest problem.
    Good luck.


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    Setting up XP system - need help?!?!

    I have read many horror stories about Gigastudio and XP. But people seem to be ok with 2.50.47. I am about to try and set up my system with this beta and was wondering if there is a tried and true approach. Does it matter what apps I install first? (i.e. giga then cubase or cubase then giga, etc, etc). Any XP tweaks I need to make?

    Any advice would be greatlky appreciated.

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