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Topic: New demos EMPEROR and OLD LADY

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    New demos EMPEROR and OLD LADY

    Here are some new demos of the PMI EMPEROR.

    First some vital stats for the Emperor and Old Lady; 12 recorded velocity layers (12 pedal up and pedal down) and release samples. Demos are created in GigaStudio with standard midi files, without any tweaking on the midi data. No effects or mastering tricks were applied; this is the sound as it comes right out of the box.

    The first very quiet demo uses some extra resonance on the sustain pedal down samples coming from body resonance. There is also a lttle reverb on the pedal down samples to smoothern the release when the sustain pedal is suddenly released.

    The second is a rendering of Rhapsody In Blue. This one is also done with the extra sustain pedal resonance wich re-pedals in real-time.

    The last demo of the Emperor is a simple classic Mozart Fantasie (Em)

    And here is a new demo for the Old Lady; it uses the same midi file as the Emperor demo (Rhapsody In Blue) for comparisons.

    I would recommend downloading the demos and run them trough some reverb machine for enjoyable listening (they are really dry without reverb).

    For people with slow internet access we have added a cdrom with the mp3 demos and the playable demo gig files for The Old Lady and Emperor pianos to our online store at www.postpiano.com
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: New demos EMPEROR and OLD LADY

    Since we have so many pianos out now we have this little sheet that compares them all:
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: New demos EMPEROR and OLD LADY

    Excellent chart, and useful reading. Thanks,

    Melodialworks Music
    Music for Relaxation and Inspiration

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