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Topic: Giga Capture BUTTON not working

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    Giga Capture BUTTON not working

    I press the red capture button on my GS 2 interface and I'm getting the little record box.

    I've been using GS for many years now and never ever had this problem until yesterday.

    I haven't added any new software or drivers in many months. I was able to use this function on my last project...that's what makes this so strange.

    Anyone else with this problem and how did you fix it?

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    Re: Giga Capture BUTTON not working

    Are you doing manual triggering, or are you arming it to wait for the START message from the sequencer?

    I've never had any problems with manual triggering. Problems with synchronized recordings are generally because the sequencer hasn't sent the START message. In Cakewalk I have to enable that for each project.

    I can't say that I've had any other problems with it.

    Best of luck.

    -Jon Fairhurst

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    Re: Giga Capture BUTTON not working

    eWell, I use the midi start message trigger.

    But that's not even my problem. I can't, upon pushing the Red record button in GS, get the rectangular record box to open up at all. I push the button and nothing happens.

    I'm not without a solution. I can use my Aark card to internally capture. But I was hoping to skip going thru my soundcard to record the midi parts into my sequencer.

    In fact. I just used the GS record function last week...that's what seems so strange. Something has tripped it up and I'm not sure since I haven't installed anything new.

    If it were a full moon, I could at least blame it on that...but no such luck

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    Re: Giga Capture BUTTON not working

    Sounds like it's time for a re-install.

    Best of luck.

    -Jon Fairhurst

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    Re: Giga Capture BUTTON not working

    yep...had the same feeling.

    Luckily I have a disk image....shouldn't take so long...but right in the middle of project and ....well, you know that feeling- keep working or wrestle with the computer.

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