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Topic: what's the best way to format a GIGs hard drive?

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    what\'s the best way to format a GIGs hard drive?


    I have a 40Gb hard disk and would like to know what is the better configuration to make it store and use .GIG instruments with GIGASTUDIO 160 2.50.47 under WINDOWS 2000 PROFESSIONAL:

    1) One 40Gb partition, FAT32 file system, 32k cluster size.
    2) One 40Gb partition, NTFS file system, 32k cluster size.
    3) One 40Gb partition, NTFS file system, 64k cluster size.
    4) Two 20Gb partitions, FAT32 file system, 64k cluster size. (windows 2000 does not allow 64k cluster size for 40Gb partitions)

    Thanks for the help, if the best configuration isn\'t one of those listed above, please specify it so that I may take care of update my hard drives.

    Kind regards,

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    Re: what\'s the best way to format a GIGs hard drive?

    Do yourself a bliss, buy a dedicated Ultra ATA100 or something just for GS2.5 Or better buy 3 dedicated HD\'s

    1. C: boot/soft etc.
    2. D: Gigastudio
    3. E: 24 Bit audio recording

    I did


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    Re: what\'s the best way to format a GIGs hard drive?

    To make sure: pendragon means storing the sample libaries on d:. The GigaStudio program will be on his c:

    Having at least 2 separate HD\'s (OS+apps vs samples) is a must, IMHO.

    Can\'t help you with hands-on XP on the formats. On servers NTFS is always better, for several reasons. I\'m running Gst 2.2 on a stable Win 98SE machine. Will wait until 2.5 is reported to be very stable on XP. I have the feeling from all beta test reports that a Win98SE (if stable) config is more responsive (can image from an archtectural point of view).



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    Re: what\'s the best way to format a GIGs hard drive?

    Thanks anyway,
    I already have two UATA100 hard drives, one for my system and another one for my GIGs instrument.

    I found that 32k cluster size for the GIGs instrument disk may be better for larger clusters means faster transfer at cost of disk space.

    But the topic is still open. 64k clusters may be still better in my opinion.

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    Re: what\'s the best way to format a GIGs hard drive?

    Here\'s what J.M. Catena, at PROREC, says about hard disk optimization:
    2) Always use FAT file system for the audio partitions. It\'s faster than NTFS and others. You can use FAT32 if you have Windows OSR2. FAT32 allows for very large disk sizes - FAT16 only allows up to 2GB partitions - so you can create a large audio disk with only one partition. The performance of FAT32 is about the same as with FAT16. However FAT32 will try to create smaller cluster sizes than you want. Disks don\'t read one bit at a time, they read clusters of bits. For many applications, smaller clusters mean less wasted space on your disk - but for audio, smaller clusters mean more discrete read/write operations. Translation: slowness. Therefore when formatting a FAT32 device, always use the format command with the /z:32 or /z:64 (the largest possible for your disk) to create bigger cluster sizes. It helps to get a bit better performance and less file fragmentation.

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