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Topic: "GPO ARABIA!"

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    Post "gpo Arabia!"

    If anybody was missing their strings over the last few days it is because I hired them all to come to Dubai to cut this track.

    "Camel Caravan"

    Maybe 50% of the sounds are GPO.

    Not quite sure about some things in the way I mixed this. I tried some new things.

    Comments welcome!


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    Re: "GPO ARABIA!"

    Haha, this piece is brilliant, witty and extremely funny! I loved it!

    Maybe someday in the future I will be able to mix as good as you did...

    Would you mind posting a complete instrument list (maybe even the non-GPO insturments through a pm, if you don't mind) and which reverb you used? And how you applied the reverb to various sections?

    Keep up the composing! This was really 1st class stuff!!


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    Re: "GPO ARABIA!"

    This is very good! At first to be honest I thought it was gonna turn out a sort old disco sound but you proved me wrong as it got going Nice job. What do you use for percussion if I might ask?
    Nicole Davis

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    Re: "GPO ARABIA!"

    I like this. Not the typical GPO piece we hear here. (hear here?) You threw in some nice surprises.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: "GPO ARABIA!"


    Very cool! I really like the feeling of this piece. Great rhythms and changes of pace.

    -- Martin

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    Wink Re: "GPO ARABIA!"


    Fascinating and different! The rhythms are hynpotic and the music send the listener into another world. I like the layered melody scraps under the primary melody and rhythm segments underpining the piece. Did it take 1001 Arabian Nights to do this?

    Nice dubekki and finger cymbals. The strings slide-stabs were a nice touch. May be be nice to hear a characteristic Zurna (reed instrument) or to play with the tuning knob to hear some quarter-tones (just a a thought - it's great the way it is).

    This brought back memories as I once played the Kanun (a middle eastern harp) in a middle eastern band and remeber many of these sounds.

    Gary Garritan

    PS. I just listened to "Elephantopia" by Mshiff, now "Camel Caravan". What's next?

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    Talking Re:GPO ARABIA! "Camel Caravan"

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan
    Did it take 1001 Arabian Nights to do this?

    Well, yes. I did spend quite a bit of time on this but was placated with my harem waiting at my every beckon call.

    Thanks for the positive comments eveyone. They are most appreciated.

    Musicpete and Nicole!

    I used GPO:
    Violins Sus and Short
    Cellos Short
    Solo Gagli
    Violins pizz
    Cellos Pizz
    Percussion Section

    Other sounds I gleaned:
    Korg Triton Studio - Xylophone
    Roland xv5080 - Multi String Patch
    Roland 1080 - High Sus Strings
    EMU Esynth - Timp+Marcato String Sound
    Reason 2.5 - String Stab,percussion loop, Redrum pattern
    Spectrasonics Trilogy - Electric Bass
    And many different arabic tablas, tambourines, fingers cymbals from three different sound libraries.

    I played around with the mix a bit and found that using a Stereo Reverb from my 01v96 digital mixer, I got the best results.

    After making a stereo master, I then tried adding a little Waves RenVerb but it comingled with the exsisting reverb in strange way.

    I then added Waves Maxxbass and it gave some nice body and then finally used Waves L2 Maximizer.

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    Re: "GPO ARABIA!"

    Where’s my camel.... never around when you need them.... Oh, yes! "Oh I come from a land such a far away place where the caravan camels roomed...." Aladdin.
    You could be writing for Disney! Just a thought.
    This was vewy vewy nice and the Arabian flavor was perfect! As a matter or fact, when I started playing "GPO ARABIA" the door to my office swung open and 12 harem dancers flew in with finger cymbals and tangerines. Yes, that's what I said...TANGERINES. The girls work in the cafeteria

    Were finger cymbals in there? Oh yeah, now I hear them. Ping Ping!

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    Re: "GPO ARABIA!"

    great stuff!
    "Music is a manifestation of the human spirit similar to a language. If we do not want such things to remain dead treasures, we must do our utmost to make the greatest number of people understand their secrets" -- Zoltan Kodaly

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    Re: "GPO ARABIA!"

    [QUOTE=Styxx]Where’s my camel.... never around when you need them.... Oh, yes! "Oh I come from a land such a far away place where the caravan camels roomed....QUOTE]

    Plenty O' Camels in these parts! They raise them, ride them, race them, show them, work them and even.....(gasp) eat them.

    (Tastes like chicken)

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