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Topic: Audio Capture Quality

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    Audio Capture Quality

    Does anyone know if Audio Capture function is independent from the soundcard? Does Gigastudio \"digitaly\" creates the WAV with simply recording the audio output from the soundcard? If this is correct then why should I buy a good soundcard if I am interested only in capturing and burning CDs?


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    Re: Audio Capture Quality

    Audio capture is independant from the sound card. A cheap SB Live is fine for monitoring (install non-WDM driver)

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    Re: Audio Capture Quality

    So,in this case the only reason to buy a Giga compatible card are the number of outputs.

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    Re: Audio Capture Quality

    If you have to use a consumer grade audio card such as a SBLive! make sure you perform a \"driver only\" install. The Creative Labs installs include a bunch of other crap you don\'t need.

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    Re: Audio Capture Quality

    Do you mean all the software like envieromental audio ect. What if I have installed all these? Do I reduce the performance of Gigastudio?

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    Re: Audio Capture Quality

    \"What if I have installed all these? Do I reduce the performance of Gigastudio?\"

    Not necessarily, but the possibility for a conflict and operational issues is greatly increased when you do a full install of the card. Some of the software synths can conflict with Giga.

    These things work fine for consumer applications but if you plan on getting any serious performance out of the Giga technology it would be wise to kick down a little extra and buy yourself a GSIF comnpliant card.

    King Buzzo

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    Re: Audio Capture Quality

    Thanks for your help!

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