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Topic: NFX weirdness

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    NFX weirdness

    Hello, Giga Professionals!

    Is anyone using NFX? Are you having trouble getting your .gsp\'s to load them the way you saved them?

    I\'m using several NFX in a couple of performance files. Scenario: I have a user-defined NFX2 patch loading on the Aux bus. I get everything as I want it, save the performance and reload it. The NFX is there but is set incorrectly, usually to \"resonant phaser\" or \"phase resonator\" instead of my user setting. This one\'s a mystery. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Re: NFX weirdness

    it is absolutely a problem. the fx do revert to undesirable settings. i find that i have to reload my user saved patches repeatedly.

    alot of folks have this problem.. hope its fixed in the newer version ( i use 2.2)

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    Re: NFX weirdness

    It\'s still a problem in the 2.5 beta for sure. I\'m running the 98 beta. Maybe they fixed it in the XP one?

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