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Topic: Glitches or rare bleep, blop

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    Glitches or rare bleep, blop

    For example if I load a (heavy polyphony load)guitar (Matt Ragan Max Strenght) sometimes GS gives a glitch (mostly only once) Is that a normal caching thing?

    It\'s not regular or disturbing, it\'s just that also with heavy filtered guitars it may blop, bleep, bloop whatever sometimes and then dissapears.

    Yep I have DMA enabled, it just do this.

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    Re: Glitches or rare bleep, blop

    You\'ve done a good thing in turning on DMA for you drives, but there usually are some other things to do in order to tune your GS daw really high.

    I recommend you to visit:

    contains the best collection of video tutorials to optimize your pc. I have no more problems thanks to that site. Hope your pc to get better with them but I\'m pretty sure it will.


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    Re: Glitches or rare bleep, blop

    Thanks man, really good site. However I have a tardy 56k connection, any tips on a site like this in HTML?

    Thanks anyway

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    Re: Glitches or rare bleep, blop

    I used a slow connection too to download those videos, but they\'re not big (2mb max) and the server is fast, I had no problems in getting them.

    Plus, you can read the text comments about each video clip so that you can watch the tutorial knowing what to tweak and how in a better way.


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    Re: Glitches or rare bleep, blop

    You where right I have fully tweaked my system. It\'s just that if you take Mat Ragan\'s Max strength etc.. and hold a streaming sample really long (till it fades) it sometimes gives a \"bluuub, glob\" ya know a strange sound.


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    Re: Glitches or rare bleep, blop

    Pendragon, the cause can be a lot of things. VIA chipsets for example

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    Re: Glitches or rare bleep, blop


    I have an Intel 815EP chipset

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    Re: Glitches or rare bleep, blop

    how many voices you get in a Gigastudio session?

    I managed to get 160 voices using those tweaks but I found that the [VCACHE]tweaks people go yelling around are not useful: they strongly decreased my system poliphony.

    This could make your sound bleep, for example.

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    Re: Glitches or rare bleep, blop

    Clefmaster, thanks for the reply.

    I get 160 voices as well, you are right bout the vcache as well, in Ghz machines I don\'t think it\'s helpful. The other tweaks are doing something indeed.


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