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Topic: XP and Miditerminal 4140!

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    XP and Miditerminal 4140!

    Have any of you succesfully installed the wdm driver for Miditerminal 4140?

    My PC crashes everytime I try...

    Any Midi-interfaces that work with XP out there?


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    Re: XP and Miditerminal 4140!

    Scarbee are you getting bluescreens on XP bootup?

    In that case, make sure that in Windows the LPT port setting option \"Assign any IRQ given\" is choosen (or something similar), and not one of the other 2.

    That will probably make all problems go away!

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    Re: XP and Miditerminal 4140!

    Hi Maarten Spruijt:

    No blue screens - just crashes in the end of the install and then it will not work after reboot. Have you made it work?

    I have tried the Printer setting, but no luck yet.


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    Re: XP and Miditerminal 4140!

    What setting should the printer have in the bios: NORMAL, EPP OR ECP+EPP? It doesn\'t seem to matter in Win98Se, but XP seems rather crazy about this stuff...

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