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Topic: New composition posted

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    Smile New composition posted

    I haven't posted anything new here on NS in awhile, so I thought I'd share a new piece I did for anyone interested which was ironically finished on Memorial Day called 'Garden of Sorrow'.

    Violins-VSL perf-legato layered with SISS 1st vln sordinos
    Violas, Celli, and Basses-SISS sordinos except VSL celli tremolo and VSL whole step trills
    Woods-VSL perf-legato (Flute 1, Clarinet, Bassoon)
    Horns-SAM horns (interval 5ths and sustains)
    Bass pizz-QLSO full mic
    Percussion-VSL triangle, QLSO chimes, QLSO glockenspiel (all surround mics)
    Ambiences-Distorted Reality 2 (Daybreak and Never Cry)
    Percussive Adventures 'Reverse trails'


    Thanks to Alex for his webspace

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    Thumbs up Re: New composition posted

    Hey Damon,

    As usual, very delicate and detailed. Great cue!

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    Re: New composition posted

    Ethereal...really emotional and pleasant.
    Like it!!


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    Re: New composition posted

    I like it. Sounds good.

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    Re: New composition posted

    Same thoughts here, laid back easy tune but you really utilized the samples good mate.


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    Re: New composition posted

    Quote Originally Posted by greatzed
    I like it. Sounds good.
    Good? Sounds beyond good! Awesome stuff, Damon.

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    Re: New composition posted

    Thanks guys I haven't written anything in awhile so I'm just glad to have gotten some inspiration again!

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    Re: New composition posted

    Great Stuff! Honestly it is one of the better sample peices I have heard, and I've heard heaps! You have truely used samples for what they are ment for. Everything is so smooth! I love it.

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    Re: New composition posted

    Quote Originally Posted by MDesigner
    Good? Sounds beyond good! Awesome stuff, Damon.
    Actually, I listened to it again, and I totally agree. Awesome stuff! I do think that if you can get some low end in the reverb it would sound more realistic, but that's so small of a nitpick you probably shouldn't even worry about it.

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    Question Re: New composition posted

    Hello Damon. I am having trouble getting your demo to play. It sounds GREAT up till about 0:51.... then it just "stops!" It says "Communicating"... but it never finished the tune. What I heard sounded EXCELLENT... Anyone else having this problem? I'd love to hear the complete composition! (I'm using RealPlayer 10.0 and it's always worked well in the past with the NorthernSounds demos) Anyway, I can say... from what I heard... it's a fantastic composition! Good job.......... Gary

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