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Topic: Hard Drive configuration

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    Question Hard Drive configuration

    Hi everyone :-)

    Could someone please help with my hard drive setup on a P4C800-E deluxe.

    I have two Raptor's 74gb for samples (just bought a second one) and two 80 GB WD(Sata) for system and system backup (Ghost)
    Lee Blaske advised I configure both Raptors on the ICH5 Sata port in Raid 0 configuration. Should my system drive and backup go on the 2 Promise Serial ATA ports? If so, where should the DVD-R go? (Pioneer 107D)...on the ICH5R DMA or the Promise DMA?
    And in Bios, how should i configure my drives, as regard to which drive is assigned to Primary/Seondary,Third and Fourth Master or Slave?
    Any help appreciated :-)


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    Question Re: Hard Drive configuration

    Help anyone ...please

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