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Topic: registration.txt

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    Can someone please tell me why I do not have a registration.txt file in my Giga96 folder.
    I am trying to update to ver2.5. I have emailed nemysis with no response. How do get the update and install on a non-internet computer? My g96 is an upgrade version from a gigasampler LE. I installed g96 on my internet computer just so I could download the new ver. 2.5. No registration.txt was generated. Please help!


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    Re: registration.txt

    I have had to ring them up in the past and talk to them... however, I don\'t have the number on me at the moment, but will look it up and get back if have a chance.

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    Re: registration.txt

    Here\'s the tech support number: (323) 726-0303x617

    I\'m having problems registering the latest update. I get an automated email saying my that I have an invalid registration code. The program automatically sent this code so it is not a typo. It\'s the same code that worked in the past. Time to call tech support.

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