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Topic: ASIO4ALL problems

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    Unhappy ASIO4ALL problems

    Hi guys...
    not strictly a GPO problem but I am using it and need the driver as the ASIO driver for my card (SW1000xg) has a 28ms latency. (ASIO4ALL gave me 5ms).
    Started up Cubasesx2 and the ASIO4ALL driver just wouldnt work...... It was working fine the last time now has stopped... but wait for this, it works with the Kontakt player provided with GPO...
    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling ASIO4ALL but no joy....

    Any ideas..

    (this is just one of a string of problems I seem to have... but I will trickle feed them through the next few days... and yes.. they may be related before you ask) incidentally I'm using Win XP with 2 gigs ram running at 3 GHz (brand new PC with no excess stuff).

    Thanks in advance.. would appreciate the help.. its driving me crackers...
    Anonimity is hard to achieve .. Addo Zappler

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    Re: ASIO4ALL problems


    Did you try adjusting the buffer sizes? This may affect latency. ASIO4ALL is for cards that don't support ASIO. If your card already supports ASIO I am wondering if installing ASIO4ALL may cause some conflicts.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: ASIO4ALL problems

    It would be pretty unusual for an ASIO driver to have such a high latency as 28 ms. You may want to check to see if you might have used an MME driver or something similar, when you tried testing out your card's native ASIO driver. I hadn't run across any sound cards that had trouble with 12 ms ASIO, and most have seemed able to do 3 ms, so long as the computer was powerful enough. I think you'll probably get the best results by playing around with your ASIO settings using the native ASIO from your soundcard, rather than using ASIO4ALL. Also try going to the web site for your sound card manufacturer and downloading/installing the latest driver, since they may have fixed something that caused troubles. ASIO4ALL can be a good potential workaround for people that don't have ASIO and who are using GPO Studio, but it may not always help. If you want to get more information on ASIO4ALL, probably the best place is Michael Tippach's web site http://michael.tippach.bei.t-online.de/asio4all/ I'd definitely suggest trying to get your native ASIO drivers to work at low latency first.

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    Red face Re: ASIO4ALL problems

    Thanks Gary,
    The Sw1000xg soundcard is fairly old at this stage and Yamaha have stopped producing soundcards. The last driver was provided by Yamaha back in August 2002 and the lowest buffer size available is 512. The ASIO4All was loaded following a post on the Sw1000xg user groups web site which recommended it (in this case the writer was getting latencies of 5ms which is substantially better than the 28ms I was getting). I was able to reduce the latency to 5ms by playing around with the buffer size and it worked just great for a few weeks then it died a death.
    So, just to put you in the broader picture, there are a host of other things after going wrong with my set-up and I seem to have it tracked down to emulated midi ports in the sequencer (CubaseSX2). I am just waiting for Steinberg to come back to me.
    Intrestingly, when I load a new project in cubase, and a new midi track, the GPO Steinway is loaded automatically ! ( Great sound incidentally, my favourite)

    So.. as with all problems of this nature the situation is dynamic and changes by the evening. If ASIO4ALL continues to give problems when all the other stuff is sorted out, I'll dispense with it as you suggest, put up with the larger latencies or buy a new sound card..

    Thanks for the help and sorry for troubleing you with a 'kind of' non GPO query.
    Anonimity is hard to achieve .. Addo Zappler

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    Red face Re: ASIO4ALL problems

    Thanks Jeff,
    As outlined above in my response to Gary, I have tried much of what you suggest. I may be heading down the new soundcard route if the 28ms latency continues....

    thanks again,
    Anonimity is hard to achieve .. Addo Zappler

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    Re: ASIO4ALL problems

    Quote Originally Posted by addo
    Hi guys...
    Started up Cubasesx2 and the ASIO4ALL driver just wouldnt work...... It was working fine the last time now has stopped... but wait for this, it works with the Kontakt player provided with GPO...
    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling ASIO4ALL but no joy....

    Any ideas..
    I'm also an ASIO4ALL user. Answering questions like this are tough, because by its very nature every installation will be a little different, depending on your specific card. In my case I'm using it with a Dell Inspiron 5150 notebook with its onboard SigmaTel audio card. When it works, it works great... and when it doesn't... well, lets just say that it never seems to do anything halfway. Here are a couple of things to try based on my experience:

    1) Turn OFF the "always resample at 44.1" option unless you can't run without it. Has caused me some "interesting" issues -- AND it seems to eat up a lot of RAM when used in conjunction with the Kontact player.

    2) Unless you absolutely can't live without it, disable the input. BIG help in the latency department.

    3) The Direct DMA Buffer hasn't worked for me.

    4) Play around with the buffer settings in the program you're having problems with. Don't assume that the same settings always work with all applications... I've learned the hard way that they don't.

    5) You said it worked fine for a while and then died. Did you install anything or make any hardware changes to your system just before it died? One problem working with an older sound card in a newer platform is that the unexpected can happen, and the darndest things can cause conflicts, because the newer apps aren't usually thinking about older hardware. Older hardware can also be finicky in machines that are significantly faster than those that were common when the card was new. You might just have to "bite the bullet" and buy a newer card.

    BTW, if you want to try a newer card but are on a limited budget, find an OEM SoundBlaster Live! card. We use them in broadcast production studios (with appropriate interfaces to balanced in/out and pro levels) quite successfully, and the last one I bought was around $30-$35. I know guys who are running all of their audio playback on music stations through them, and they're not half bad for the buck. There are many that are better for serious recording work, (and I don't use them on-the-air personally) but if you're on a budget they're hard to beat.

    Good luck. Let us know how you make out.

    "He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds"
    --Psalm 147:3

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    Talking Re: ASIO4ALL problems

    Hi D,
    I tried what you suggested last night. turned off the resample at 44.1. Direct DMA didn't work for me either so it was disabled and then played around with the buffer size... Works fine now... Thanks a mil'
    From your e-mail, it's obvious you have had a few painful hours playing around with various settings... it seems to go with the territory... Once everything works, I wont dare touch it unless I absolutely absolutely have to.

    The tip on the soundcard is noted and filed away for that inevitable day.....

    thanks again
    Anonimity is hard to achieve .. Addo Zappler

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