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Topic: GS doesn't see all my memory

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    GS doesn\'t see all my memory

    I have an AMD T-bird 1.33Ghz processor with 512Mb 133Mhz ram installed.
    GS diagnostics sees only 64Mb, and Gigapiano uses 65% of memory when loaded. When I had only 64Mb ram, I think I remember Gigapiano using up about the same amount of Ram. Can someone help with this problem?

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    Re: GS doesn\'t see all my memory

    This sounds very odd. Does all other programs, and Windows, see all your memory?

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    Re: GS doesn\'t see all my memory

    How would I be able to tell if Windows and other applications are seeing the memory?

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    Re: GS doesn\'t see all my memory

    Go into Control Panel/System. On the first page there, it will tell how much physical memory it has detected.

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    Re: GS doesn\'t see all my memory

    Thanks for the advice. Sure enough, even though the memory test (during boot-up) showed 512Mb, the control panel system page showed only 64 mb. I traced the problem to my config.sys and/or autoexec.bat files which had info from an old install of a Dos based Cad program. There were references to Emm386 and himem.sys which must have somehow gotten in the way.
    GigaPiano now takes up 9% instead of 65% of my memory.
    Thanks for the troubleshooting.
    Now for the real work.... making my virtual orchestra.
    Bye for now,

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